Remembering Marcelino “Ka Marcing” Beltran

Ten years ago today, soldiers killed Marcelino “Ka Marcing” Beltran, Tarlac peasant leader and Hacienda Luisita massacre witness. Read more on the extrajudicial killing of Ka Marcing from the original story here.

Below is an excerpt from the 2013 Hacienda Luisita fact-finding report, “For Land and Justice” (click to download PDF)

Marcelino Beltran

Marcelino Beltran: Armyman turned Peasant Leader

On the night of December 8, 2004, Marcelino Beltran was brutally murdered in his home in San Sotero, Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac.

Beltran, 53, was chairperson of the AMT (Tarlac Peasant Alliance). He was a retired sergeant in the Philippine military before joining farmers’ groups.

Beltran’s son Mark, his wife, Simeona, and other children saw Beltran sprawled on the ground, bloodied but still breathing, 15 meters from the house. Bleeding in the arms of his wife, Beltran was able to utter his final words in the Ilokano dialect: “Suldado daggidyay nagpaltog” (Soldiers shot me).

Family members recount that as they were on board a tricycle to bring Beltran to the Camiling District Hospital some kilometers away, armed men in fatigue uniform accosted them and asked whether the patient they were carrying was Beltran. Fearing for their safety, they answered “no.” Those who had shot Beltran left nothing to chance.

Beltran died two hours after the shooting and never even reached the hospital. Beltran was about to testify regarding bullet trajectories in scheduled hearings on the Hacienda Luisita Massacre in Congress and the Senate. He was also preparing to attend the Human Rights March two days later on December 10, his birthday.


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